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Sustainability Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Mama

This is not your typical holiday gift guide. 

In fact, if you purchase nothing from this list of companies, there will be zero hard feelings. We will actually be proud of your restraint, because there’s some pretty epic stuff down below. But more importantly, at AMI we want to empower you to use your buying power to support sustainable businesses.

By purchasing from the following companies you are making the statement that how products are made, how employees are treated, and how the environment is impacted is important. With all that is going on in our world today it is easy to feel helpless to make an impact. But every dollar you spend can speak volumes. 

We organized this gift guide by certification. Each small (almost all) mama-owned business in this guide has at least one (sometimes MORE!).  If you want to learn more about what each certification means click the Tell Me More! link, where you’ll get a more in-depth look at each of the five certifications. This way if you want to educate yourself while you shop, you can click between the guide and the post. If you are only interested in the cool shit, then stay here.

*Quick disclaimer before we dive in: The following list of companies was compiled based on our editor’s personal experience, recommendations from Adventure Mamas, and a shit ton of research. (Special shout out to Amy from Garage Grown Gear for the leads.) None of these companies have bribed or even offered to bribe us with free products or discounts. The only company mentioned below that we have an official relationship with is REDBUDSUDS. You can read more about AMI’s great smelling partnership with them here

Certified B Corporation (“B Corps”)

Certified B Corporations meet high standards of environmental and social performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. Basically, these companies value their impact on the community, their customers, the environment, and their workers. Tell Me More! 

Purple Rain Adventure Skirts

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Adventure Skirt (Purple) – $71.99

Purple Rain Adventure Skirts’ slogan explains exactly why they make the perfect gift for an adventurous mama: “smart, practical skirts for badasses”. Founder Mandy Bland created the first Purple Rain adventure skirt out of an old pair of hiking pants after she tried hiking in a skirt during her thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. 

Sustainablility Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Mama
Mandy Bland, owner of Purple Rain Adventure Skirts, hard at work creating in her home office.

Each skirt is handsewn by Bland , sourcing materials from deadstock as much as possible. Deadstock is fabric that has been discontinued and is sitting around in warehouses. Her signature purple skirt is made with 100 OEKO TEX certified materials, which means it was manufactured with no harmful chemicals. Her goal is to move toward 100% sustainable fabrics. Because she does the cutting herself, she makes sure there is very little fabric waste in production. Afterwards, she bundles the scraps and works with Wander Woman Gear who upcycles scraps as pee rags. 

Purple Rain received the Oregon Benefit Corp for Good certification in 2018, and has been working on its B Corp certification. The company is looking into (local) factory production, currently putting the pursuit of B Corp certification on hold until that is ironed out. Until then, Bland offsets the electricity used to create the skirts in her home by purchasing energy blocks, which means Purple Rain’s energy comes from green sources (solar and wind). She also walks each order to the post office, and uses only recycled mailers that are also reusable in shipping. 

Sustainablility Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Mama

Be sure to check out Purple Rain’s blog for more thoughts on sustainable products and taking backpacking trips as a mama.


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Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bag – $11.99

Stasher founder and CEO Kat Nouri is an immigrant and mother who is committed to stand up for the rights and opportunities of women and to protect our planet. Her company, Stasher, a Certified B Corp and 1% for the Planet member, produces reusable silicone bags that have prevented millions of single-use plastics from accumulating in landfills and oceans.

Sustainablility Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Mama [image is a stasher storage bag]

The bags are made from pure silicone, which is made from natural resources – mostly sand. They are 100% plastic and BPA free – no fillers here.

These airtight storage bags are legit. They are durable, reusable, microwave safe, dishwasher safe, fridge friendly, oven strong, easy to clean, and come in every color imaginable. The bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes from pocket to half gallon. This makes it easy for you load one up and stash it in your zip pocket while hiking. And they don’t just work for food. You can store anything in them: pens, maps, toiletries, first aid supplies, car keys. The possibilities are endless. 

1% for the Planet

Companies pledge to donate 1% of sales to approved environmental organizations. Tell Me More! 


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Adventure Kit (Kickass Lemongrass) – $19.00

REDBUDSUDS creates “thoughtfully clean” 4-in-1 shower bars designed to give you everything you need whether you’re in the backcountry or at home. That’s right: shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and shave soap all mashed up in one perfect rectangular prism. The bars eliminate all the bad p’s: parabens, phthalates, plastic packaging, and preservatives. REDBUDSUDS uses only real, recognizable ingredients, and no palm oil. Instead, it partners with local farmers to obtain (sustainably produced) lard.

Sustainablility Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Mama [image is a bar of redbudsuds soap that has thoughtfully clean etched on it]

The goal of REDBUDSUDS is to empower action by encouraging people to switch to plastic free products. Since its launch in 2016, REDBUDSUDS has prevented over 80,000 plastic bottles from entering the waste stream and donated over $8,000 to conservation efforts, and it has no plans to slow down.

The small business has big sustainability goals, including zero waste initiatives with its Leave No Scrap Behind Chunky Bars. The company also partners with nonprofits to protect wild lands and watersheds through its 1% for the Planet membership, as well as Leave No Trace, Save the BWCA, and FLOW (For the Love of Water). 

But its main goal is to empower action. “It may start with a shower bar, but what’s your next step?,” asks founder Aubrey Miller. “Every day, we can Step Outside … outside of ourselves, outside our comfort zone, outside our front door.” REDBUDSUDS is collecting stories of how its shower bars have impacted users, so if you have a story to share about your favorite shower bar, send them to If not, peruse the online store and try one out for yourself. Hint – all the smells are amazing!

wildbird threads

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Do Epic Shit Tee (Unisex) – $25-28

Through wildbird threads, owner Elizabeth Bailey and her family hope to connect outdoor adventure seekers with artists whose works are inspired by nature. The company prints the designs of various artists using water-based, eco-friendly ink on sustainably made garments, many of which are organic cotton and bamboo.

In addition to connecting with environmental nonprofits through its membership with 1% for the Planet, wildbird threads does not use plastic to wrap its garments. It mails all apparel wrapped in twine, uses recycled labels and business cards, and ships every product in 100% recycled poly mailers. 

Bailey said in 2020 wildbird threads hopes to host Hike ‘n’ Paint events and trail cleaning meetups to expand the company’s focus on creating community. Check out all the designs available – my personal favorite is the “Do Epic Shit”, created by @liveyourheartfindhome. I’m pretty sure my kiddos, partner and I need matching tees for our next family photo.

Climate Neutral Certification

This designation certifies that a company has a net carbon footprint of zero. It looks at things like office energy consumption, raw materials, and supply chains: all the ways carbon is generated by the creation and delivery of their products. Tell Me More! 

All Good

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All Good Goop (9 oz) – $40

All Good products are truly sustainable gifts. This is a woman-owned, small business with an all-women production team. Sustainable certifications? All Good has them. It’s recognized as a 2020 Climate Neutral Certified Business, as well as a Certified B Corp, a Green America Certified Business, and a 1% for the Planet member. In fact, for 2019 All Good was recognized as a B Corp “Best For the World” in four categories: overall, environment, governance, and change makers. All Good is the total package.

Founder Caroline Duell originally created the company’s signature product, All Good Goop, to aid in her skin’s recovery from rock climbing and farming. The company now boasts a line of organic body care products that also include deodorants, lotions, and reef safe sunscreens. 

All Good had lofty goals for 2019. It went 100% solar on the farm where they grow the Calendula used in All Good’s products. It conducted a global supply chain audit, led the Safe Sunscreen Council, and was awarded a healthy soils grant for building healthy microbes and sequestering carbon in its farming practices. 

For 2020, All Good continues to raise the bar by pursuing carbon neutrality, switching all sunscreen tubes to PCR plastic, and creating a line of products in plastic free packaging, among other sustainable goals.


The bluesign® certification means that a garment meets strict requirements for water emissions, air emissions, resource productivity, consumer safety, and safety of the workers. Tell Me More! 

Wild Rye

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Evie Raglan (base layer) – $109

Wild Rye creates sustainable clothing that aims to help outdoor-loving women feel comfortable in their own skin while adventuring. The company uses bluesign® materials whenever possible in an effort to protect the places we play. In addition to bluesign®, Wild Rye uses 100% non-mulesed wool. 

Wild Rye prides itself on its fight against fast fashion: cheaply made apparel ends up in landfills faster and more frequently. Their merino products are biodegradable and built to last.

Photo cred: Ray J. Gadd

The team at Wild Rye has big goals for the future, including becoming certified Carbon Neutral, incorporating more recycled materials into its products, and “greenifying” its shipping and delivery methods. 

Check out their 100% merino wool base layers and water repellant bike shorts that feature a perfectly placed zip pocket.

Green America Certified Businesses

Companies that have earned the Green America certification have pledged to use green offices/facilities, have transparent return/refund policies, have created a declaration of commitment to social and environmental values, and commit to accurately represent their products and services. Tell Me More! 


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Rawlogy Cork Massage Ball – $11-16

For our sustainable gift guide, we chose Rawlogy to represent Green America Certified businesses. Marek Bowers, Rawlogy founder and trans dad of two, said he chose to become Green America Certified because the certification is a symbol of his company’s values. “I wanted our customers and retail partners to know that Rawlogy cares about the people who contribute to its supply chain, and is committed to preserving the planet for our children,” Bowers said.

Rawlogy upcycles cork, (think used wine stoppers), and manufactures it into massage balls and massage rollers. Bowers founded the company after learning to roll out his Plantar Fasciitis pain with a rubber lacrosse ball while training for a marathon. He uses cork because it’s lightweight (for the thru-hiking or ultralight backpacking mamas out there), natural, and durable.

At Rawlogy, the mission is two-fold. Bowers works to create products that relieve pain naturally: 100% raw materials, no BPA, PVC, petroleum, or phthalates. He also educates communities on performing self-massage to keep muscles limber and strong. To that end, Bowers hosts hiker outreach programs and rolling workshops.

Besides the sustainable material and community outreach, Rawlogy is committed to socially equitable processes. Its manufacturing facility rigorously abides by a code of business conduct that provides for a safe, respectful workplace for employees. “They have been in the business of cork manufacturing for over 20 years and have a spotless track record for workplace safety and fair labor practices,” Bowers said.

For more information on rolling with cork, check out more stunning product shots, and learn more about #ShareYourBalls, check out the Rawlogy website.

Maternal Allies: Women-Owned, Small Businesses with Sustainable Focuses

There are epic small businesses out there promoting sustainability that are not mama-owned and do not boast official certifications. So below, we added three bonus companies that perform essential tasks for adventurous mamas, like push back against fast fashion, help us pee carefree outside, and provide sustainable lighting. 

Home Free Tees

Etsy Facebook Instagram Pinterest
Climb On Sister 1/4 zip – $17

Part of living a sustainable lifestyle is considering where things you purchase end up when you no longer need them. In the case of your favorite t-shirt, passing it along to a thrift store feels sustainable because you assume someone will buy it and wear it. But the truth is, most clothing donated to thrift stores end up in landfills, not someone else’s closet. 

Until biodegradable textiles become the norm, Home Free Tees offers a solution for those of us who enjoy wearing fun t-shirts, but want to lessen our contribution to textiles in landfills. Owner and operator Anika Erickson peruses local thrift stores purchasing high-quality second-hand clothing and repurposing them. She builds her own screens by hand, reuses them as many times as possible, uses water-based dyes, and gives new life to discarded clothing by printing designs inspired by her experiences outdoors.

Erickson lists her one-of-a-kind items on her Etsy site, and also accepts custom orders. Recently she has worked with brides to make wedding day flannels for bridesmaids. “I love getting to collaborate with businesses or events to create unique and intentional designs,” Erickson said. Selling upcycled clothing is just the first step to building her brand. In the future she looks to build a wholesale line of ethically sourced products and to continue to support her community and causes around the globe she feels passionate about. To read more about Home Free Tees and how to push back against fast fashion check out her blog.

Kula Cloth™

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“Nice Ax” Kula Cloth™ – $20
No one wants to stumble upon used toilet paper in the wild. Anastasia Allison and her team have created a fun and sustainable way to prevent this: the Kula Cloth™. “Not only can you use Kula on the trail or while traveling, but we even have people using it at home to cut down on their toilet paper use (peeing only!)” said Allison. 

Kula Cloth™ is an official Leave No Trace partner, and has a completely transparent supply chain. The pee cloth is designed and produced with sustainability in mind. Everything from the fabric to product production happens in the United States. Fabrics are milled at an eco-friendly facility that uses eco-friendly dyes and processes for printing and production. Customer packaging is made from recycled materials and is recyclable after use. 

Lola, a member of the Kula Cloth™ production team, making Kulas.

At Kula Cloth™, it’s not just about quantifiable sustainability, it’s also about encouraging a sustainable mindset. One of the main goals of Kula Cloth™ is to support environmentally focused organizations, artists, and individuals. For example, Kula Cloth™ will donate a portion of their profits from three of their newest prints to the Washington Trails Association, Washington Outdoor Women, and a native pollinator nonprofit. They are also in the process of donating 100% of the profits from their first “Kula for a Cause” to help a local high school purchase a water bottle filling station. 


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Packlite Firefly $24.99

Responding to the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Andrea Sreshta and Anna Stork founded LuminAID.  They were inspired to design a simple rechargeable light that could be distributed cost-effectively after disasters. Today, LuminAID lights have been distributed in more than 100 countries world-wide to families lacking electricity after disaster events.

Shresta and Stork designed LuminAID with sustainability in mind. They reduce carbon emissions created in transportation by designing every solar lantern and phone charger to pack flat. Additionally, they use thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) – a medical grade plastic – instead of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). TPUs do not contain or release dioxins, lead, or phthalates, which keeps hazardous chemical byproducts out of landfills. And of course, the whole point of their products is to provide renewable energy. Their solar panels replace environmentally harmful alternatives like propane and traditional batteries and operate with rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that may be recharged 1,000+ times. 

LuminAID’s founders Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta enjoy a well-lit campsite thanks to their solar powered lanterns.

LuminAID’s products are not just for emergencies. They also come in handy when camping and traveling. AMI board president Meghann Beer is in the middle of a year-long adventure around the world with family. They use a LuminAID Packlite Firefly USB to charge electronics and read bedtime stories when their accommodations lack electricity. They also use it to save electricity in places that do have power. (Read more about her sustainable travels here.)


Great job making it to the end of this awesome guide! We at AMI would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season filled with joy, adventure, and perhaps a few gifts from sustainably-minded companies. 

One thought on “Sustainability Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Mama

  1. Wild Rye helps women to “feel comfortable in their own skin”? Really?! I really want to get behind this company, but can’t when they only sell clothes size 12 or less. Not really for women of all sizes who love the outdoors. People larger than a size 12 love biking and the outdoors too. It’s sad that like many outdoor companies they miss the mark.


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