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Self-Love in Action: Meditation and Journaling for Mental Health

I used to wake up in the mornings and find myself on the toilet scrolling through Instagram.  That’s how I would set my entire day. Sure, Instagram is a beautiful platform for connection, but it has also been detrimental to my mental health. I unintentionally allowed social media to rob me of the present moment. First thing in the morning I should be focusing on myself and what I envision for the day. Not looking at all these “epic pictures” and desiring something more than what is right in front of me. 

Not only was I desiring something that wasn’t me, I found myself obsessing over what my next post would be to ensure I continued to gain followers. At that moment I realized I had no idea who I was, which frankly was depressing. I knew for certain that I wanted to develop a relationship with myself that wasn’t influenced by any outsiders. I randomly woke up one morning and completely removed myself from social media to allow myself to freely explore the concept of self-love.

Self-Love Takes Time

It took 13 months of continuous work to find my authentic self and then fall in love with her. Now the first thing I do in the morning on the way to the toilet is look deep into my eyes in the mirror, and say “I love you” while appreciating the fact that I’m absolutely perfect the way I am.  The pure peace and love that fills my soul is contagiously joyous and I believe every single mother deserves this exact bliss.

Self-Love in Action: Meditation and Journaling for Mental Health (By Brooke for Adventure Mamas) Image: background is a mountain sunset in oranges, foreground is a woman standing sideways with her hand to hear head meditating

I feel that Adventure Mamas Initiative has such a clear focus on advocating maternal wellness though adventures OUTSIDE. But we need to talk more about the day-to-day wellness practices we can do in our homes to enhance our overall mental well-being. To accomplish this, I have dedicated 20 minutes a day to connect with myself. I also acknowledge what areas I desire improvements in my life. The more I have connected with myself, the clearer my needs have become. And the answer hasn’t always been to get outside and let it go.

I want to inspire women to take a stand for their maternal wellness from the luxury of their homes. My transformation has been so pivotal that friends and family have wanted to know my process, so I have begun sharing my mindfulness journey with them. As mothers, so often we focus our positive energy on the ones we love. I want to challenge you to put that same loving energy into yourself. I began meditating and journaling out of a desire of wanting something more out of my life and what I found was the key to my soul. 

Self-Love in Action: Meditation and Journaling for Mental Health (image is a dad and three kids holding hands and meditating on a living room floor)

Meditation doesn’t have to be a rigid practice; the stillness alone is priceless.

As I focus on my breath or a mantra, I allow whatever thoughts to arise and let them pass as they want, just as freely as the ocean tide. I check the clock a million times if I so please, and if I feel like laying down and meditating, I’m going to do it. Sometimes I find myself sitting up in my bedroom, relaxing against the headrest, and meditating before I get up for the day or before bed. Find what works best for you. That even could be in your car on lunch break with meditation music, it will just require a little experimenting. 

Journaling has provided me a safe space to freely write, to help me identify and work through negative behaviors, and it has encouraged me to explore positive self-talk while enhancing my overall mindfulness. I’ve also coped with personal fears, anxiety, and depression via journaling. The only consistency with my journaling practice is that it’s always handwritten. Typing my words doesn’t provide the same healing modality for me. Some days I write purely on gratitude, others on daydreaming, and some days I’m working through difficult situations. The power of connection with yourself through journaling is undeniably magical and there should never be any shame for anyone to openly have a private journal.      

Self-Love in Action: Meditation and Journaling for Mental Health (Image is a woman sitting on a yoga mat in her living room with a candle, journal and dog- meditating)

When trying anything new in life, always give yourself grace. Praise yourself for trying something new and give yourself gratitude for having an open mind. Be OK with allowing the natural ebb and flow of life. At times I find myself going in waves, practicing more and then not as much at other times. I shift my practices to accommodate my continuously evolving life. If I miss a day or even an entire week I will never criticize myself for lack of effort. Instead I try and figure out why I’m straying away from these mindfulness practices. And then get myself back on track. 

Investing time in yourself has great rewards

Reflecting on my past, I realize how devastating my mornings were by choosing to connect with a virtual world instead of myself. On no occasion will that ever be my reality again. I took that 20 minutes of scrolling Instagram in the morning and invested that time into myself. I no longer feel the pressure to try and impress anyone. Now I’m simply showing up for myself and giving gratitude to me. I will never allow a social media platform to become a self-sabotaging tool again. Nor will I let  it define who I am. I can confidently say that knowing I found self-love.

I wholeheartedly believe journaling and meditation can improve the quality of life for all. If I could convince you to consider setting one new intention for yourself, it would be to carve out 20 minutes a day for yourself that’s quiet, uninterrupted, and all about you. Living in such a fast-paced world with our beautiful children continuously running around us, we all deserve some additional peace in our lives from the comfort of our homes. 

The Power of Being Present

The one final practice we need more of in this world is appreciating the mere power of being present. Focusing on presence daily can shift your life immensely and makes gratitude become second-nature. Opportunities exist all around us daily to unconsciously get lost in the present moment. Nature is a perfect place to start. We are fortunate to have nature at our disposal to bring us right back to this exact moment we are gifted. I willingly admit as a mother, my favorite way to bring myself back to the present moment is to simply watch my children. What more could we ask for than a virtually continuous reminder how effortless it can be to be present, something we are all capable of at any age.  

Self-Love in Action: Meditation and Journaling for Mental Health (image is a woman sitting in the surf in a pretzel position with one hand on her heart and the other above her head.)

Don’t forget that the more we all self-love, the more we’re capable of providing pure love to all of those around. This raises the global frequency and makes Planet Earth a happier place for everyone. It all starts with you, which is extraordinarily powerful. 

2 thoughts on “Self-Love in Action: Meditation and Journaling for Mental Health

  1. This is so good, and so helpful. Thank you for your calling things what they are and giving real solutions and guidance towards healing and connecting with what actually matters. I loved reading this. It’s exactly what I needed.


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