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About Us


AMI is a nationwide nonprofit organization that supports maternal wellness. We provide educational resources, build community, and make nature and challenge-based experiences accessible to a diverse community of women throughout all phases of motherhood.


AMI is redefining motherhood by creating a world where women feel empowered to prioritize their own wellness.


Self Care: We encourage maternal wellness and health within our community by prioritizing our own self-care and we support our co-workers in doing the same.

Empowering Mamas: AMI is a mama centric organization that leverages the talents of mamas, empowers mamas to take on leadership roles and grow professionally in a work environment that is understanding of the unique challenges faced in balancing mom life and professional work life. We provide a flexible and supportive work environment and work collaboratively as a team to get shit done.

Equity and Social Justice: We promote equity, diversity, and accessibility in the outdoors through intentional acts of inclusion. Within our organization we prioritize social justice in our decision making and we actively seek and embrace diverse viewpoints, engage in respectful dialogue, and are willing to be vulnerable and learn.

Environmental Stewardship: We endorse the protection and respectful use of the outdoors through environmentally sustainable practices that build community awareness and responsible stewardship. AMI prioritizes environmental sustainability in our operations and decision making in order to protect the natural places we love.

Authentic Relationships: We build authentic relationships with everyone who interacts with our organization. We value honesty, open communication, and respect in order to foster transparency and trust.

Learning: We strive to create an environment conducive to learning where AMI is continuously improving and our decisions are enriched by current, evidence-based educational resources and content experts. Individually, we balance confidence and humility and we are willing to challenge ourselves to reflect, learn, and grow. Organizationally we monitor and evaluate our impact and adapt as we learn.

Professionalism: We cultivate a culture of professionalism seeded with accountability, integrity, and respect. We focus on actionable  plans, strategic decisions, measurable results, and solution-based thinking to create a high-impact organization that is financially and operationally sustainable.  

Risk Management: We prioritize safe and responsible engagement in outdoor experiences through employment of risk assessment and management practices.