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Shon’t Savage

I am a mother to a beautiful 10-year-old boy I affectionately call Dude, a life partner (read: somebody’s girlfriend / boo-thang), a public health project program manager, a wandering spirit ripe with exploration, and a mountain gypsy.” But it is that first role as mother that most expanded Shon’t’s perception of herself and the depths of her abilities. Motherhood has taught her the value of constant self-development, selfless self-care and forgiveness, and compassionate, passionate, mindful living. 

Shon’t is an avid hiker, backpacker, and mountain climber. She has explored the wild both throughout the Pacific Northwest and the world, sometimes in the company of Dude, sometimes with her life partner, sometimes with her outdoor tribe, and sometimes – when her spirit needs respite and refueling – alone.

Along with her passion for the wild, Shon’t also brings years of experience as a project program manager in public health.