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Rad Mama Feature: Deb of Dayton, OH

Deb is always looking for reasons to get outside and explore new places. She recently moved from Anchorage, Alaska to Dayton, Ohio and works professionally as a nurse. She is the proud mama of two kids, Ellie (2 going on 12) and Waylon (6 months), plus two fur babies, Dolly and Bentley. After having Ellie, Deb started running and hiking and found herself becoming more patient and embracing the new version of herself. She completely fell in love with being outdoors, even though it intimidated her at first. Now, Deb considers backpacking and camping to be her therapy. She wants to continue to develop as an adventurer for both her health, and to be a role model for her kids.

Join Deb and the Adventure Mamas of the Lower Midwest here.

What’s your dream adventure?

Backpacking across Europe. I would love to put a months worth of supplies in a backpack and trek through the unknown. In my opinion, it would be the best way to see the world and learn about people and their culture.


What would you say to a mom who wants to get out but is scared?

Lets do this. I’ll be with you every step of the way and changing your environment will change your perspective.

What motivates you?

Other Mamas. Nothing gets me more excited to get out into nature than seeing my fellow moms out with their littles doing what they love and setting a healthy example.

What’s one lesson you’d like to teach your kids?

To love yourself inside and out. Making little choices that better your body will also better your mind and spirit.

How do you find the balance of adventuring, being a mama, and fulfilling all of your other roles?

Lots of positive self talk, repeating to myself that I need to get out, solo or with the kids, and do something active because I know it makes me feel better, puts me in a happier mood, and allows me to have moments of peace. I need these to be the best mom to my kids and I can’t feel guilty about taking out time for me.


Rad Mama Feature: Emily of Sacramento, CA

Emily lives in Northern California near Sacramento. She and her husband Kelly relocated back to this area a couple of years ago to be near family after living in Southern California and the Midwest, “I like to think the mountains were calling us back too!” Emily stays home with their two children ages 3 and 17 months. Her professional background is in Landscape Architecture. She loves to travel, make art, meet like-minded mamas, and go on all kinds of outdoor adventures with her family.

Click here to join Emily and the Adventure Mamas of the West.

Most significant adventuring moment:

We had an incredible adventure while hiking in Connemara National Park on the western coast of Ireland. Immediately after reaching the top and snapping a photo, a thunderstorm hit forcing us to make a quick decent over slippery rocks. My husband was carrying our screaming and crying 21 month old son in the hiking carrier. We sang the ABC’s all the way down trying to soothe him. When we finally reached the car we were drenched, our boy was sound asleep, and we burst into laughter after a big sigh of relief! It combined all the things that I love about adventure. I was with family, it was physically strenuous, we were somewhere new, and I felt a bit outside of my comfort zone.


What qualities do you think are important for an adventure mama to possess?

Willingness to try new things is a fundamental one! Be willing to get out of your routine or comfort zone and go do things that you don’t normally do. I think adventure is very personal, it means different things to different people. So remembering to self-reflect on your own internal barriers and what will be an adventurous thing to do for YOU is important and to be able to ask yourself what else am I capable of? I also think patience is essential. As a mama, you might have little ones with you and they will need assistance and things might take longer. Taking the time to go at their pace when they need it opens your eyes to the things they see, and can be a lot of fun too!

What motivates you?

One of my desires as a mom is to help my kids connect with the natural world as much as possible. My husband and I hope that getting us out and sharing our love of the wild with them will in turn help them to appreciate and care for it too. Staying healthy is a huge motivator for me. Snowshoeing, hiking, trail running are my favorite activities for exercise. Any one of those excursions or even just a simple trip to play at the river is therapeutic on so many levels for us.


Favorite activity and where?

Hiking is my favorite activity because it is a great workout, requires little gear, and it is easy to find hikes when we travel. Favorite places I have hiked are in Lake Tahoe, Arches and Zion!

Rad Mama Feature: Babette of San Francisco, CA

Babette was born in the Philippines and raised in California. She has three beautiful children: Kaliyah (10), Juel (7), and Kamila (5). They motivate her in every possible way. Babette is in school, studying Health Care Administrations and she is also a part time event planner in the retirement community. She loves using the outdoors as a platform to connect, play, and learn alongside her kids.Continue reading “Rad Mama Feature: Babette of San Francisco, CA”

To the Mama Who Wants to Regain Control

“To the Mama who wants to regain full control of her life… I am living proof that if you want something badly enough, you will make it happen. Make it a priority to create time for yourself, no matter the obstacles standing in your way. We could all use more hours in the day but what it really comes down to is managing the time we do have and asking for help when we need it. I think that many of us fall victim to the “mom guilt” when we think about planning that canyoneering trip or day at the crag. Don’t be afraid to lean on those around you for support when it comes to replenishing your soul. In the end you will be a better mother, spouse, friend and person because of it.”

I spent most of my life being very overweight and out of shape. I tried working out but never really seemed to get any results. When my son was two, I reached a breaking point. I was unhappy with my life and desperate enough to give running a try. In the beginning, I could only run for short periods of time before needing a break.  Over time, I began running more and walking less, and slowly, I began to get my life back.

Being a goal-oriented person, I decided I should set a goal to run a half-marathon and followed through by signing up for the Bryce Canyon Half. Training wasn’t always easy and there never seemed to be enough hours in the day, but I was committed. Oftentimes I would wake  up at 3:30 a.m. to be finished with my run in time to get myself and my son ready to leave the house by 6 a.m. Six months after starting my life transformation, I completed the race.


Two years ago I found myself in an abusive and very controlling relationship. Through that challenge, the one thing I could always rely on was my running. Some days I would cry through the miles, other times I would find myself venting to my running friends, though never really divulging the truth of just how unhappy I was. That was a secret I shared with only the road.

Finally, I’d had enough and found the courage to leave. I was determined to heal and find myself once more by turning to my beloved Utah’s beautiful landscapes. I tried rock climbing and quickly fell in love with the challenges it provided. I sought out the desert and reacquainted myself with the joy of gazing up at millions of stars 200’ above the ground on a slab of redrock.  I hit the trails and summited peaks. Ultimately though, I decided I needed some new goals.

IMG_1273-01 (1)Having conquered the half-marathon, marathon, and half-ironman races, I decided I wanted to up the ante this year and take on my first ultra-marathon. This July, I will be running the Capitol Reef 50k and I couldn’t be more psyched. I find such solace in trail running and the redrock landscapes bring me peace. This race will give me an opportunity to push myself harder than ever before, and it will be in an environment that feels like home to me.

Running has been my therapy through a messy divorce, an abusive relationship, and the struggle of being of single mother. I love the places it’s taken me – from the Canadian border in Washington through the Puget Sound, to the mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe; through the emerald hills of Ireland and into the heart of the Tetons.

20151011_130055-01 I started running to get healthy and lose weight and have since lost 80 pounds; I’ve never felt better. But it wasn’t until I really started getting out, trying new things, and pushing my personal boundaries that I started to feel truly alive. I adventure because it feeds my soul and reminds me that life is so much more than the daily grind. Through my own life, I hope to teach my son that with some determination and hard work, you can accomplish great things.


About Michelle

A Utah native, Michelle has developed an intense love for the bold and dynamic landscapes of her home state. As a marathoner, triathlete, snowboarder, and rock climber, she has put in hundreds of sweat-powered miles exploring some of the wildest places around the world. Her tenacious, adventurous lifestyle has been hard-earned though, and her transformational story is one for the books. Michelle spent much of her life overweight, and therefore unable to pursue the adventurous life she wanted for herself and her son. It was through running that she steadily regained control of her life and was able to explore just what she was capable of accomplishing.

Michelle chronicles her training and adventures here on her blog, and she has a beautiful Instagram feed that we constantly find ourselves scrolling through because it’s so vivid and inspiring, @mfarnsworth1

The Adventure Mamas Niche

In the past few months, we have often been asked, “So, how are you different than other mom or women’s groups?” And after a lot of reflection on that question, we’ve ultimately realized that what truly sets us apart from other groups can be diluted down to one fact:

We provide virtual resources as well as local community for a clearly identified and specific niche—the adventure mamas of the world.

Our culture is fun-loving, challenge-embracing, and sometimes rough-around-the-edges. We love our kids like mad, they’re our training partners and hiking buddies. We want to explore ways to bring them along on our adventures, even if that means we have to work harder to make it happen.

As a compliment to caring for our families full time, we also prioritize personal adventure as an expression of self-care. We prioritize training that enables us to climb the hard routes, ski the gnarly lines, summit high mountains, surf, cycle, paddle, and more. We pursue personal ambitions that require commitment and determination, the sort of experiences that push us to our physical and mental limit. For our children, we want to illustrate what it looks like to dream big, and then make those dreams become a reality.

Before we took on the role of mama, we were wild women. For many of us, adventure was an integral component of our lives; it was how we identified ourselves, it was how we connected with our partners, it was our recreation, our exercise, and for some of us, it was our profession.

Becoming a mama is so entirely transformative and life altering.It can be especially challenging for a new mama to understand how those former values can still fit into her new life with a baby, and that can be a devastating feeling. We believe that by engaging with a strong community of like-minded, tenacious women, moms can feel a renewed sense of self.

Our mission is simple: we want to empower mamas to continue to dream big, go hard, and live life on purpose. At most all of our events, families are welcome to join. But we also encourage mamas to join us by themselves if they need some time for self-care. We are an inclusive community but we also understand that our niche will not resonate with everyone and that is okay. We hope that all mamas seek out the community and support that they personally need in order to feel affirmed and supported.

To the Mama Who Fought Back Postpartum

“To the mama who struggled through a challenging pregnancy and knows the depths of postpartum depression, my hope in sharing this story is to remind you that life will happen, and not always in the way that we plan. Challenges are an inherent part of the great gift of life and when the light at the end of the tunnel burns dim, it is up to us to rekindle the flame. We deal, we conquer, and with a little love, and a lot of nature, we can overcome anything.”

It was December of 2013, when a little pink plus sign appeared on a pregnancy test. It was one of the most exhilarating and wonderful moments of my life.  I was finally going to be a mother!  In my early twenties, I was told that having kids might be a challenge for me.  At that point, I had not yet met my husband, but had been suffering through many complications with my wonderful uterus. Many days were spent at the hospital having surgical procedures performed that would, hopefully, ensure my chance to conceive one day.  And it had finally happened for us. My dream of being a mother was going to come true.

I dreamed about being that pregnant woman who would remain incredibly active: I’d hit the trails, go to the gym, pretty much continue my life as it was. And once that little miracle came into the world, I’d be the happiest, most thankful woman alive. But God had another plan.

At twenty weeks pregnant I was rushed to the ER with immense pain in my lower abdomen.  Upon spending four grueling days being tested and pumped with pain meds, the doctors found not one, but ten large fibroid tumors growing in my uterus.  My pregnancy was going to be a rough one from there on out.

The decision made by the doctors was bed rest: no hiking, no exercise, no travel—all of the things that brought me my greatest joy.  Over the course of the next twenty weeks, my life changed completely.  There were numerous visits to the ER.  Three times I went into preterm labor.  My head and heart had reached the most vulnerable point they had ever been in my thirty-one years of life.  I kept thinking, “If I lose this child, I may lose my chance at motherhood…” something that I had been dreaming about all of my life.  My psyche took a hard hit during those months, and soon thereafter, I was diagnosed with severe pregnancy depression.

My dream of experiencing a vibrant, active pregnancy was abruptly altered.  I spent my days on the couch or in my bedroom, only getting up to answer the call of nature and to shower (where I still had to sit as I bathed).  I lost touch with friends, and my zest for life.  It was the hardest time of my life.  I felt an ever-looming sense of darkness and anxiety, desperately hoping that my fragile body would cooperate and offer me the chance that I had been praying for since I was a little girl.

Fate was on my side.  On August 29th, 2014, I gave birth via scheduled c-section to a perfectly healthy baby boy.  When I heard those first cries as they placed his little, warm body on my chest, I made him a promise to be the most loving and devoted mother I could be, and kissed him as he was whisked away to be cleaned.IMG_4750

My husband, son and I spent a week in the hospital after his birth, my fibroids were causing extreme pain again as well as the aftermath of the surgery.  I was so weak and filled with painkillers that I could barely hold my newborn son.  I was overtaken with guilt and a profound sadness.

When we were finally cleared to go home, I wasn’t filled with joy, but with fear and uncertainty.  The four long months of bed rest had taken their toll.  The depression worsened.  I wasn’t the woman I had been the day I found out I was pregnant, but rather, a fragile, anxious version of that hopeful person.

After a few weeks, my body was beginning to recover from the c-section. My mind, however, was in a delicate state.  I was constantly on edge, exhausted from long, sleepless nights with a newborn, and angry at myself for not being able to pull myself out of the purgatory I was in.

Then one day, I broke.  It was a Thursday afternoon in early winter.  I had just laid my son down for a nap and collapsed outside his nursery.  My heart was overwhelmed with grief.  I called my husband who rushed home to my aid.  It was then, after my loving and patient partner in life took me in his arms that I decided I had to change, not just for my son, but for myself.  In my heart, I knew I needed the catharsis of nature. We made plans to get me back to the wilderness, something that had drifted away from me during those long, horrible months on bed rest.  I begged my husband, no matter how much I protested, to not let me give up; to force me onto the trails.

He kept his word and within a week, we were in the woods.  I can’t explain why or what happened to me out there, but breathing in the fresh air, feeling the dirt beneath my feet, and most of all seeing my precious two-month-old son completely at peace, sleeping in his carrier in the great outdoors, changed something inside of me.  I immediately began to recognize my soul again.  The adventurous, positive spirit that I had always been so proud of, began to re-emerge from the depths where it had been dormant for months.  I was home.

StateFair-1stweekOfOne-OBhikeNewBoots 164

Since then I have become involved in numerous hiking groups and outdoor organizations.  I spend every free moment I have writing for these organizations and getting myself, my son and husband outside.  Once again, I have joy and laughter.  I have enthusiasm and energy.  I have amazing friends.  I love my life with a passion so fierce that at times I feel as though I could burst.

Our latest challenge was finding out this past February that I would need to have a hysterectomy.  It appeared that my body finally had had enough. The news was devastating at first.  I had always imagined having a large family, like the one I was brought up in, but this isn’t going to be the case for us, and that is okay.  I am now about one week post surgery, and while I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling twinges of depression here and there on top of battling physical pain, I have chosen to fight the negative feelings.  I have chosen to focus on the many, many positives of the situation.  Had I not gone through, and conquered, the aforementioned hardships, and most importantly, had I not had a profound and undying love for nature, I don’t know if I would be in a place of such peace.  I have a beautiful son who is healthy and happy, an incredible husband who has proven to love me through thick and thin, a beautiful home in a beautiful part of the United States, and am constantly surrounded by love. For all of these reasons, I am forever thankful.

About Mary Beth

Mary Beth grew up in the mountains of Southern California and now lives in beautiful Minnesota with her husband and son. She works full-time as the Weddings and Events Manager for a historic hotel and event venue in beautiful downtown Stillwater.  Mary Beth is also an avid outdoors-woman and talented writer, and has merged her passions into a personal blog where she recounts her adventures and inspires others to get outside. Three years ago, while pregnant with her son, Mary Beth’s doctors presented some hard news– they’d uncovered nearly a dozen uterine fibroids and ultimately decided she would need to be on bed rest for the remaining 20 weeks of her pregnancy. Here she shares her story about the cold, hard depression that ensued and her fight to find peace again by rekindling her passion for the outdoors, with her family in tow.

Gear Review: ENO DoubleNest Hammock

The ENO DoubleNest Hammock is a quintessential piece of gear. It functions for a diverse range of outdoor enthusiast from the hip couple looking for a place to lounge before calling it a night in their sprinter van to the grungy, weight-conscious backpacker putting in long days on the trail.

One of our favorite applications is setting up one of these bad boys cragside. After a long day of sending, it’s the perfect place to kick back and sip a brew. Plus, the kiddos love lounging and napping in it as well, which makes it even more of a must-have no-brainer. Set it up low to the ground to make it easy for them to get in and out and minimize unexpected tipping.

We love this hammock so much that we are giving one away at the end of May to #CelebrateBadass and kick-off the launch of our new website. Details here.

Here’s the skinny on the ENO DoubleNest:


  • Lightweight (only 20 oz)
  • Compact (packs to 4 x 5 inches)
  • Easy to set up and take down (less than 5 minutes)
  • Fits two people (up to 400 lbs)
  • Reasonably priced ($70 for the hammock + $30 for the straps, cordage works too)

Less Awesome

  • Some reports of the fabric wearing more quickly than other brands but that has not been our collective experience
  • Should go without listing but for the sake of being objective, all hammocks are most functional if there are trees nearby (although there are some alternatives if you get creative)
  • You have to remember your straps or some cordage

All things considered, we love the ENO Hammock! Anyone else consider this to be a must-have or have additional feedback? Post your questions and thoughts in the comments. We’d love to see you lounging in your hammock, follow us @AdventureMamas and tag #AdventureMamas to share your photos and for the chance to be featured on our feed.

No Substitute for Experience

You can study diagrams illustrating how to perfectly organize your backpack, read a thorough article about gear essentials, or ask questions about general wilderness culture. And while it’s important to do your research, there is simply no substitution for plain old experience; and let’s be honest, square-one isn’t always pretty.

Over the years, we have dialed in our backcountry systems but we want to make one thing clear: we were entirely subject to the inevitable learning curve inherent in trying something new and challenging. We once stared cluelessly at mounds of gear on the floor, wondering how we were going to fit it all in our packs;  we started off climbing on top rope while dreaming about trad climbing in the mountains; we celebrated 10 mile bikes rides as training for cross country bike tours.

We understand all too well how paralyzing fear, doubt, and uncertainty can be when left unabated. But here’s the thing, you have to start somewhere and there is no such thing as too late. At any point, you have the power to start a new chapter in the story of your life; you aren’t too old, too out of shape, or too busy. At some point, you just have to decide to take the plunge and start getting your hands dirty.

We are not positioning ourselves as expert adventurers by any stretch of the imagination, but rather we boldly declare ourselves to be expert and infinite amateurs. Over the years, we’ve been beginners often enough to feel comfortable there. We are okay with not knowing everything and even embrace the learning curve because that means we’re growing. Gather the information you need to keep yourself and the natural environment safe, and from there, embrace laughter as a tool to keep you sane as you learn.

And so, as a tribute to trying something new and challenging yet again with this new Adventure Mamas endeavor, we proudly, and embarrassingly, present a few throwbacks illustrating The Backcountry Learning Curve.

(Bear with the less than optimal photo quality; along with developing some outdoor skills, our photography skills have also come a long way.)


Pack Some Shorts

This was one of our first backpacking trips, it hadn’t occurred to us to bring shorts to hike in. We started off in heavy pants and long sleeve tops and were dying by the middle of the first day. So, we spent the rest of the week hiking in our thermals. Smooth…


Put Some Damn Shoes On

After watching too many Sharma bouldering videos, Justine would head out to some local boulders and climb around… barefoot.  “I was embarrassed to go into a gear shop to buy climbing shoes. I didn’t think I was legit enough and figured the people at the gear shop would laugh at me!” She started working at the same gear shop a few months later and now happily boulders while wearing climbing shoes.


The Bottomless Pit Pack

Here is Steph developing her backpacking systems in the best way possible—actually going backpacking. Although, we don’t know if there is anything left in her pack in this photo, it might just all be hanging on the outside. Since then, Steph has trekked hundreds of miles with that same backpack, and even when it’s full to the brim with gear, it’s perfectly organized. She can find her headlamp or an obsolete bobby pin in a matter of seconds.

20131019_180554Steph’s first climb, Big Cottonwood Canyon, UT; not a bad start!


305792_530914142376_1463445309_nJustine and Steph packing for their first extended backpacking trip, there have been many gear explosions since.



Justine getting ready to begin her first bike tour along the California Pacific Coast; she had never ridden a laden bike before this moment…

Rad Mama Feature: Michele of San Antonio, TX

Michele and her husband Chris live in San Antonio, Texas. They have three children, Augustus (7), Aristotle (4) and Chevelle (2). She is a freelance writer and photographer which perfectly suits her adventurous lifestyle and gives her ample flexibility to get outside. She loves watching her kids explore the outdoors and overcome their fears in the process. Michele enjoys standup paddle boarding, backpacking, and hiking.

Most significant adventuring moment?

My most significant adventuring moment was a backpacking trip I went on a year after becoming a mother. My son was about 14 months when I strapped him to my back and did a 4 day backpacking trip with a friend. It wasn’t the hardest, or most beautiful adventure I’ve ever been on, but it means the most because it was the moment I realized that my adventuring didn’t have to stop just because I was now a mother. That trip proved to me that I could still be the free spirited adrenaline junkie I’ve always been, except now I was blessed enough to share that love with my kids.


What would you say to a mom that wants to get out, but is scared?

Honestly I’d say just do it! Yes, I know that sounds too easy, but truthfully that’s all there is to it. A certain amount of fear is always going to be there. Moms tend to worry out of love, and I doubt that will ever change, but its so worth it. Getting out there and overcoming our fears is such an amazing feeling. There is a sense of accomplishment in recognizing how badass we truly are!! Adventuring with kids isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it.

What motivates me ?

What motivates me is watching my children conquer their fears, and seeing their true strengths show through. I’m motivated when I see my kids finish a really hard trail, look for trail markings, and help set up camp. By adventuring as a family we are working together, and trusting in one another. I’m motivated to raise children that are free spirited, that value experiences over things, and are independent.

IMG_20160518_011433Most memorable trip you’ve been on?

I spent two weeks adventuring in Costa Rica in my late teens, zip lining, backpacking, caving … It was a trip that pushed my limits, and really made me realize how much adventuring was part of who I am.


Rad Mama Feature: Kim of Morin Heights, QC

Kim, her husband Jake, and their two kids, Chloe (41/2) and Tyler (18 months) live in Morin Heights, a small town outside of Montreal surrounded by ski hills, forests, and a huge natural playground. Professionally, she is a social worker in psychiatry. Sports and nature have always been a huge part of her life, growing up she enjoyed everything from skiing to soccer. Even still, Kim’s trips, activities, and day-to-day planning revolve around being able to get outside. When Kim was 25, she developed a passion for rock climbing, which led her to many adventures. Currently, mountain biking and trail running remain a focal point in her outdoor life. The trips she has been on and the people she has met along the way continue to shape who she is today.

What does it mean to be an adventure mama?

Getting outside and doing the sports I love, and that keep me balanced, as often as I can, while still spending time with my kids. Sounds so simple right! It also means finding other moms like me, who are passionate about a sport or activity and want it to be a regular part of their mama lifestyle. So many moms don’t know if they can find the time, or aren’t sure how to return to their previous lifestyle. Some need someone else to encourage them to get out. I hope to provide a platform for people to be able to do this.

Favorite activity and where?

Right now my favorite activity is mountain biking (anywhere), followed closely by trail running and cross country skiing. Anything that gets my heart pumping while being in the forest.

What’s your dream adventure?

I would love to explore mountain biking in different countries with varied landscapes. I have also dreamed of going to Costa Rica and exploring all that it has to offer.

Any life changing experiences that put you on this path today?

I grew up with a very adventurous father (pioneer skier, paddler, camper, hiker, etc) He grew up in a much simpler time (1930’s and 40’s) and instilled in me a love for the outdoors, teaching me that I could do anything I set my mind to. We had a cottage growing up, and we went every weekend during the summer. This created a passion for nature in me that has continued to this day.

What’s one lesson you’d like to teach your kids?

To live in the moment (which they do now better than me). To appreciate nature. To love people unconditionally. To be kind and honest. To dream big.

Why do you adventure?

Because I don’t know any other way to be! Because I love discovering new things, feeling alive. I love the feeling at the top of a big climb, at the end of an epic days, after a thrilling adventure. There is nothing that beats the euphoria, the sense of accomplishment, of feeling alive!

_MG_4705-EditHow do you find the balance of adventuring, being a mama, and fulfilling all of your other roles?

A lot of night, after bed time activities. I regularly ride and ski with headlamps starting at 9 p.m. I have a husband who is as passionate as I am, and we try to ensure that we both get adventure time. I’m determined to keep the balance as much as possible, and I try and surround myself with people who feel the same.

Favorite adventure activity to do with the kids?

At their age, right now it’s challenging. We all spent a day on the ski hill this winter, (my little one in a pack). I’ve taken them both cross country skiing, skating, and hiking. I’m hoping to get my little one on a push bike this summer (he’s already trying) and my daughter is already in the forest with me. Because we live in the country, our adventures to date have been mostly day outings. We also have a cottage, on an island with no electricity (and 2 other houses) where we regularly spend weekends, and try and get away mountain biking in Burke a few times a year.


Dream adventure to go on with your kids?

Mountain biking trip in Utah.

What have you found to be most challenging about being an adventure mama?

Finding the time is the obvious one. The second is all the body changes. With my first it was easier to bounce right back. With my second, I had/have quite a few physical challenges since the birth and have been much more limited by injuries than I would like. I feel like my body has never been the same and I’m working twice as hard to get back to where I was physically. Having to take breaks due to injuries has been really tough. 

Most memorable trip you’ve been on?

My honeymoon. A 1 year road trip in a Westfalia with my husband and dog. We climbed, hiked, adventured, rode, biked, and anything we could do outdoors for a year, through the US and Canada. It was an amazing time of my life.

One tip for moms who want to try to get out more.IMG_4066

Plan a time each week, and stick to it. Negotiate with your partner and kids, letting them know how important it is for you.

What would you say to a mom who wants to get out but is scared?

Nothing is scarier than childbirth!! But seriously, I am teaching my children to overcome their fears. I want to be a role model for mine by doing the same.

Most significant adventuring moment?

I took a 6 month leave of absence a few years back and moved to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky to climb and live in a tent. I learnt and did many things, the best of which was meeting my now husband. I also pushed myself physically to levels I never thought possible. I ended up extending the 6 months to a year, and it was truly a defining moment for me. I had been taking month long trips out west for years to climb and adventure and had also travelled in Asia, south America among other places. But nothing changed me as this trip did. I came back to Canada with a different attitude towards life. Something about sitting around a campground with a bunch of climbers, with nothing but time…