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Healing Outside: Examining Nature’s Therapeutic Benefits for Trauma-Affected Families

When I first became a licensed foster parent, I assumed I would take care of a kid or two, return them to their family, then accept a couple more. I figured this cycle would continue indefinitely, or until my life circumstances changed. Maybe I would move to a different state or my license would expire orContinue reading “Healing Outside: Examining Nature’s Therapeutic Benefits for Trauma-Affected Families”

Vacation Done Right: Building Community Off-Trail

At the start of this project, my goal was to create community with people on the trail in an effort to bring the world just a little bit closer together. To be honest, that hasn’t really happened: partly because we don’t see a lot of people on most of our hikes, and partly because theContinue reading “Vacation Done Right: Building Community Off-Trail”

Finding Mindfulness in Motherhood

As I sit at the top of Multnomah Falls I follow the stretch of the soft green moss across the rocks, taking in the texture and the trueness of the green that I will never find in the home décor section of Target. I watch as the water runs swiftly over the rocks in theContinue reading “Finding Mindfulness in Motherhood”

Adjust, Adapt, and Hike On

As someone who loves and puts a lot of energy into trip planning, letting go of my expectations can be hard to accept. The need to adapt is hard for me, but after traveling to Liechtenstein and Luxembourg, I realized that motherhood, and sometimes the weather, has different plans for my adventures. Two different experiencesContinue reading “Adjust, Adapt, and Hike On”

5 Rock-Solid Tips for Climbing Mamas

Those seduced by the climbing bug may find it hard to articulate exactly why this sport has infected our being. To outsiders the idea of clambering up rock faces, with only a thin rope and a good friend to catch us, must seem freakin’ ludicrous. But, of course, we know better. Climbing builds our strength,Continue reading “5 Rock-Solid Tips for Climbing Mamas”

Project Swaddle Then Send

Part 1: SWADDLE I’ve hesitated on writing this blog post for awhile. I’ve made it through the aptly named “fourth trimester”, I’ve completed my first outdoor lead climbs, and I’ve maintained my position at the nonprofit I’ve worked at for years. Really, I’ve done a lot during this postpartum year. But to write this post,Continue reading “Project Swaddle Then Send”

Holiday Gift Guide for the Minimalist Adventure Mama

It’s the “holiday season”, which all to often translates to the season of stress and spending lots of money. If you have an Adventure Mama on your shopping list, or are shopping for yourself, we at AMI thought we would help guide you in spending your money well. There are so many options in theContinue reading “Holiday Gift Guide for the Minimalist Adventure Mama”

Shred Mamas: Do It for the Highlight Reel

Janelle “Nelly” Thomas is a 2018 AMI Ambassador and committed adventure mama. For her ambassador project, Nelly opted to compile ski and snowboard footage from mamas around North America and then produced a rad short film called Shred Mamas! Check out the full film at As a child I grew up skiing on the weekends withContinue reading “Shred Mamas: Do It for the Highlight Reel”

Outdoorsy Kids and the Gift of Grit

The outdoors isn’t just for views, fresh air, and serenity. Being outside provides plenty of opportunities for children to learn and grow. When I am trying to teach my kids a lesson or instill a value, I often turn to the trail for help. Of all the characteristics I want to instill in my children, gritContinue reading “Outdoorsy Kids and the Gift of Grit”

Dirtbag Family Bash– the Super Official Recap

Over 40 families from all over North America flocked to Moab, Utah this fall to be a part of the first-ever Dirtbag Family Bash, AMI’s camping and adventure festival for families. Each family came bearing unique perspectives, dynamics, outdoor backgrounds, and interests. Without a doubt though, new connections, skills, and experiences were acquired for parentsContinue reading “Dirtbag Family Bash– the Super Official Recap”