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Mother Daughter Surfing Adventure

I finally made it happen! Surfing will no longer be a missing check mark on my adventure list. Not another year will pass by that I tell my daughter “next year we will learn how to surf” and not do it. This has been a childhood desire of mine and two months ago I finallyContinue reading “Mother Daughter Surfing Adventure”

Have Baby, Still Travel

It was our first flight with our one and a half month old daughter Akela. I felt full of doubt and uncertainty. Extra set of clothes for Akela? Check. Extra muslin cloth for breastfeeding and spit ups? Check. Toys and books to entertain? Check. Even though I had prepared for the flight, I still feltContinue reading “Have Baby, Still Travel”

AMI Grassroots Spotlight: WEST COLLAB

Where: Colorado River, Black Canyon Area Who: Four RAD Adventure Mamas and their Families What: Canoeing, Camping,  Exploring Canyons, Conquering Rattlesnakes, Toddler Raves and More This past Mothers Day, four Adventure Mamas from Las Vegas got together and took their families on an incredible weekend adventure. These amazing women, along with their families, enjoyed aContinue reading “AMI Grassroots Spotlight: WEST COLLAB”

250 Woman-Powered Miles Update

Over Memorial Day weekend, with a nice brisk bike ride, this lady completed the first 250 miles of 1000 Miles of Adventure. I know, I know … The year is halfway through and this lady is only a quarter of the way through her goal.   Yup. It’s true. You know that wacky, wild, unpredictable,Continue reading “250 Woman-Powered Miles Update”

Getting Out as a Single Adventure Mama

In 2017, I became a single parent. I can’t say it happened suddenly – I had felt like a single parent long before my husband left. Somehow, when I began divorce proceedings, the reality of my task sunk in: raising a child, single-handedly, while maintaining some semblance of sanity. Needless to say, I grew aContinue reading “Getting Out as a Single Adventure Mama”

Celebrate Badass: AMI Grassroots Events

This month, we recognize, acknowledge, and CELEBRATE BADASS IN ALL OF ITS FORMS: Womanhood. Power. Camaraderie. Birth. Adventure. Our Bodies. Acceptance.  Authenticity. And like any good celebration, there are events happening around the country with women coming together to build community, laugh, adventure, and honor their motherhood journeys. To attend or learn more about any of theContinue reading “Celebrate Badass: AMI Grassroots Events”

Badass Girls Need a Badass Mom

I’ve been there. I’ve been there five times actually. I’ve been there- drowning in diapers, burp cloths, sleepless nights, and sore nipples, just praying I’ll have the strength to get through the day. I’ve been there. I’ve flipped through magazines and social media posts, jealous of the twentysomethings camped alone in the middle of theContinue reading “Badass Girls Need a Badass Mom”

Mama Crush Monday: Hännah Marciniak

Hännah Marciniak (@yogihannah) is a dedicated practitioner of Ashtanga yoga, a climber, mountain biker, skier, and together with her husband, Lucas, parent of an adventurous two-year-old, Oliver. Hännah runs her own business, Mountain Light Ashtanga, which offers small group yoga in the traditional Mysore style. She also works as a linguist, providing expert consulting inContinue reading “Mama Crush Monday: Hännah Marciniak”

Mama and Babe Bouldering Event

This fall, AMI Ambassador (now Ambassador Team Manager, yeah she’s #BossAF) coordinated a free Mama and Babe Bouldering Bash in Joshua Tree National Park as her annual AMI Ambassador Project. Her goal was simple: make connections with like-minded MAMAS, get more MAMAS out climbing, and distract the kids with play so MAMA could focus onContinue reading “Mama and Babe Bouldering Event”

Nature is My Anchor

Two days before our first child turned one month old, my husband and I watched as all of our belongings were boxed and packed into crates. We said goodbye to our things, and began three months of extended hotel stays and visits with family. We crossed the entire continental United States before flying to Hawaii,Continue reading “Nature is My Anchor”