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Life After Kids: Adventures of an Empty Nest Mama

I distinctly remember the day I met my mother-in-law for the first time. As I stepped into the hallway of the home she shares with my father-in-law in San Marcos, Calif., my husband pointed to STACKS of finisher medals draped around the neck of a statue. There were dozens and dozens of them: marathons, halfContinue reading “Life After Kids: Adventures of an Empty Nest Mama”

My Year of Living Big and Growing Up

This year I became an ambassador for the Adventure Mamas Initiative (AMI), and turned forty. This was also the year following my husband Matt’s kidney cancer diagnosis. His kidney was removed in the fall of 2016. The tumor was nine cm. Eight weeks after his diagnosis we found out the cancer had not yet spreadContinue reading “My Year of Living Big and Growing Up”

For the Love of Ageing

I was at a party last year. A 40th. For my beautiful, strong, intelligent, single-mama friend. She is one of the most kind-hearted people I’ve ever met. She has been dealt some crappy hands in life and she’s mastered it like a damn amazon. She’s incredible, compassionate, and hilarious. The kind of woman you areContinue reading “For the Love of Ageing”