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Sustainability Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Mama

This is not your typical holiday gift guide.  In fact, if you purchase nothing from this list of companies, there will be zero hard feelings. We will actually be proud of your restraint, because there’s some pretty epic stuff down below. But more importantly, at AMI we want to empower you to use your buyingContinue reading “Sustainability Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Mama”

Sustainability Certifications: What to Look for When Choosing Gifts

One of the most impactful things adventurous mamas can do for our planet is to be purposeful with our spending. We can support businesses that support the environment. However, there are so many brands, and so many things that we purchase, it becomes overwhelming to research the supply chain, materials, and packaging of every singleContinue reading “Sustainability Certifications: What to Look for When Choosing Gifts”

Holiday Gift Guide for the Minimalist Adventure Mama

It’s the “holiday season”, which all to often translates to the season of stress and spending lots of money. If you have an Adventure Mama on your shopping list, or are shopping for yourself, we at AMI thought we would help guide you in spending your money well. There are so many options in theContinue reading “Holiday Gift Guide for the Minimalist Adventure Mama”

Cool Shit We Found at Outdoor Retailer

Where: Denver, Colorado Who: Eight members of the AMI leadership team and board What: The crazy madness otherwise known as “Outdoor Retailer Summer Market” Many of you know what Outdoor Retailer is: you’ve been, you’ve dreamt of attending, or you’re a regular attendee. But for those of you who don’t, let me fill you in.Continue reading “Cool Shit We Found at Outdoor Retailer”

Gear Review: The Tinkle Belle

  When you get a group of Adventure Mamas together and they start to vent there are a few topics that always come up: 1- the pastel problem 2- there isn’t a single technical pant that doesn’t make our ass extra long 3- pockets 4- peeing I can’t fix any of the clothing issues, butContinue reading “Gear Review: The Tinkle Belle”

365 Mile Challenge

In a virtual world overrun with daring and exotic photos, it can feel like everyone is a sexy full-time adventurer, bagging peaks on the reg, and living out of their van– at least according to social media. Because we don’t often see the reality that exists alongside these grand adventures– a whole lotta emails, dirtyContinue reading “365 Mile Challenge”

An Intro to Adventure Challenges

Let’s face it, we are creatures of habit, myself included. We create rituals and routines that move us through our day and give a sense of control. Sometimes, habits are formed with intention and other times they develop without us noticing. When left unattended, some rituals and routines can leave us stuck, really stuck. ToxicContinue reading “An Intro to Adventure Challenges”

Tinkergarten: A Deeper Look into this RAD Educational Movement

Recently, we chatted with the passionate individuals behind the scenes at Tinkergarten and -wow- they are amazing. Their palpable stoke and enthusiasm is contagious and learning more about their mission and history has us inspired. Read on to learn more about this education alternative.