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Come As You Are

I am not Bear Grylls. I am not a crag master. I am not a mountaineer. I am an Adventure Mama. I thrive outdoors. I breathe easier. I notice more. I feel more deeply. Time slows down. I stand taller. And that’s just walking along a paved trail through some trees at the local park.Continue reading “Come As You Are”

Crag Etiquette (How to Not Be a Jerk When You Climb Outside)

  August 18th – Global Climbing Day – is fast approaching. Here at Adventure Mamas, we love any excuse to hit the crag, and hope it encourages more mamas to get outside and climb. Whether it’s for the first time, the first time in a while, or the first time this week, it’s important to brushContinue reading “Crag Etiquette (How to Not Be a Jerk When You Climb Outside)”

Infinite Amateur: Surfer Style

Surfing is Hard Surfing is hard.  Essentially, all committed surfers spend their entire lives dealing with freezing feet, overhyped swells, dawn patrols, damp wetsuits, wipeouts and hold downs and never ever surf like Kelly Slater or Bethany Hamilton.  They don’t even get close.  Yet, as a surfer, you spend every free moment you get bobbing upContinue reading “Infinite Amateur: Surfer Style”

No Substitute for Experience

You have to start somewhere and there is no such thing as too late. At any point, you have the power to start a new chapter in the story of your life; you aren’t too old, too out of shape, or too busy. At some point, you just have to decide to take the plunge and start getting your hands dirty because there is no substitute for experience.