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Sustainability Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Mama

This is not your typical holiday gift guide.  In fact, if you purchase nothing from this list of companies, there will be zero hard feelings. We will actually be proud of your restraint, because there’s some pretty epic stuff down below. But more importantly, at AMI we want to empower you to use your buyingContinue reading “Sustainability Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Mama”

Sustainability Certifications: What to Look for When Choosing Gifts

One of the most impactful things adventurous mamas can do for our planet is to be purposeful with our spending. We can support businesses that support the environment. However, there are so many brands, and so many things that we purchase, it becomes overwhelming to research the supply chain, materials, and packaging of every singleContinue reading “Sustainability Certifications: What to Look for When Choosing Gifts”

Inspiring Sustainable Adventures: One Family’s World Travels

As a mama who loves the outdoors, I am very concerned about protecting the environment and the natural places where we love to play and where I am rejuvenated. I am also worried about the future of the planet for my daughter’s generation and all those that will follow. I often feel at a lossContinue reading “Inspiring Sustainable Adventures: One Family’s World Travels”

January: Becoming an Environmental Ally

Hello, 2019! As we welcome in the new year and all the epic adventure it will bring let’s not forget that many lost all that they had in 2018 due to the ever-increasing number of natural disasters, unchecked climate change, and general inaction by the public. There are small steps we can all start toContinue reading “January: Becoming an Environmental Ally”

Rediscovering Instinct

  In Northern Alaska, the Porcupine caribou herd is beginning its journey to the summer calving grounds, the nutritious tundra of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Their calves will spend their first summer of life fattening up on their mother’s milk before beginning the 400-mile trek to their southern winter home. To me, motherhood hasContinue reading “Rediscovering Instinct”