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Company Profile: Arctic Lynx Maternity

Today we meet up with Michelle Boyer, founder of Arctic Lynx, a maternity clothing company that designs activewear for pregnant women. This post is part of our company profile series.  Arctic Lynx Maternity was an idea born out of my own personal experience. I was pregnant for the second time and newly living in Maine. ThereContinue reading “Company Profile: Arctic Lynx Maternity”

Holiday Gift Guide for the Minimalist Adventure Mama

It’s the “holiday season”, which all to often translates to the season of stress and spending lots of money. If you have an Adventure Mama on your shopping list, or are shopping for yourself, we at AMI thought we would help guide you in spending your money well. There are so many options in theContinue reading “Holiday Gift Guide for the Minimalist Adventure Mama”

Cool Shit We Found at Outdoor Retailer

Where: Denver, Colorado Who: Eight members of the AMI leadership team and board What: The crazy madness otherwise known as “Outdoor Retailer Summer Market” Many of you know what Outdoor Retailer is: you’ve been, you’ve dreamt of attending, or you’re a regular attendee. But for those of you who don’t, let me fill you in.Continue reading “Cool Shit We Found at Outdoor Retailer”

Gear Review: The Tinkle Belle

  When you get a group of Adventure Mamas together and they start to vent there are a few topics that always come up: 1- the pastel problem 2- there isn’t a single technical pant that doesn’t make our ass extra long 3- pockets 4- peeing I can’t fix any of the clothing issues, butContinue reading “Gear Review: The Tinkle Belle”

Company Profile: Fry Sauce Hats

With a name like Fry Sauce Hats, you know they have to be up to something fun. Adventure Mama Extraordinaire Cindi Opdycke and her husband founded the Bountiful-based company this year and we love the rad, original, and epically quirky stuff they’re producing! We had the chance to catch up with Cindi to learn moreContinue reading “Company Profile: Fry Sauce Hats”