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Picture Perfect: Curating Genuine Adventure Images

After my dad died two years ago I tried desperately to conjure up the memories of his life, to piece together all he was. I would sit on the sea foam blue carpet of our office and sort through box after box of old photographs, touching the worn edges and running my fingers over hisContinue reading “Picture Perfect: Curating Genuine Adventure Images”

Dirtbag Family Bash– the Super Official Recap

Over 40 families from all over North America flocked to Moab, Utah this fall to be a part of the first-ever Dirtbag Family Bash, AMI’s camping and adventure festival for families. Each family came bearing unique perspectives, dynamics, outdoor backgrounds, and interests. Without a doubt though, new connections, skills, and experiences were acquired for parentsContinue reading “Dirtbag Family Bash– the Super Official Recap”

Meet our Festival Photographer: Zion Adventure Photog

Adventure Mamas is thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with photographer Arika Bauer of Zion Adventure Photog for the upcoming Dirtbag Family Bash. Arika is a professional who specializes in shooting the American Southwest. She understands the light, the hues, the geology, and the seasons unique to the deserts of Utah. When you look through herContinue reading “Meet our Festival Photographer: Zion Adventure Photog”