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Life After Kids: Adventures of an Empty Nest Mama

I distinctly remember the day I met my mother-in-law for the first time. As I stepped into the hallway of the home she shares with my father-in-law in San Marcos, Calif., my husband pointed to STACKS of finisher medals draped around the neck of a statue. There were dozens and dozens of them: marathons, halfContinue reading “Life After Kids: Adventures of an Empty Nest Mama”

Accepting Ambassador Applications 11/7-11/21

AMI Ambassadors are part of a national team of women using their active, goal-driven lifestyles to encourage and empower others and build community.  They are real-life mamas, striving to be their best and strongest selves. These women are students, professionals, and partners. They have careers and professional ambitions; they wipe tears from tiny cheeks and tuck babiesContinue reading “Accepting Ambassador Applications 11/7-11/21”

Dirtbag Family Bash– the Super Official Recap

Over 40 families from all over North America flocked to Moab, Utah this fall to be a part of the first-ever Dirtbag Family Bash, AMI’s camping and adventure festival for families. Each family came bearing unique perspectives, dynamics, outdoor backgrounds, and interests. Without a doubt though, new connections, skills, and experiences were acquired for parentsContinue reading “Dirtbag Family Bash– the Super Official Recap”

Tips on Trail Running Through Pregnancy

  Trail running is tough. Trail running while pregnant is taking it to a whole new level. But if you’re a trail runner you most likely fell in love with the trails for the challenge. And if you’re a preggo mama you already know that pregnancy is no walk in the park either. The changesContinue reading “Tips on Trail Running Through Pregnancy”

A Daughter’s Perspective

  Every mother hopes her daughter will possess strength, independence and self-confidence. And for this mother, I could not be more proud or overjoyed, that my daughter is finding herself, and is acquiring these key attributes. A few years ago Meg was in the midst of a deep depression and anxiety. As her mom, IContinue reading “A Daughter’s Perspective”

Mother Daughter Surfing Adventure

I finally made it happen! Surfing will no longer be a missing check mark on my adventure list. Not another year will pass by that I tell my daughter “next year we will learn how to surf” and not do it. This has been a childhood desire of mine and two months ago I finallyContinue reading “Mother Daughter Surfing Adventure”

Learning to Say “Yes” to Adventure on the Iditarod Trail

Am I going to freeze? Where am I going to be sent? Did I make enough frozen dinner meals for my husband and son to use while I’m gone? What if he gets sick and nobody can contact me? Did I finish all my medical records and client calls? I’m pretty sure I did, but,Continue reading “Learning to Say “Yes” to Adventure on the Iditarod Trail”

AMI Grassroots Spotlight: WESTERN CANADA

In collabs across the country and beyond, amazing women gather to have epic adventures, build new friendships and create lasting memories. Inspiring us this month with weekly (nighttime!) cross-country skiing events: the Western Canada AMI Collab. Bonnie Presser, organizer of these epic meetups, talks about getting back into cross-country skiing after kids and how thatContinue reading “AMI Grassroots Spotlight: WESTERN CANADA”

A Mama’s Guide to Training for Her First Trail Race

Running a trail race is by no means easy. You navigate around rocks and roots that sneak up on you out of nowhere, you run up seemingly endless hills (or mountains), and then you barrel down them while trying not to land flat on your face. It’s painful at times. Your legs will burn andContinue reading “A Mama’s Guide to Training for Her First Trail Race”

Mama and Babe Bouldering Event

This fall, AMI Ambassador (now Ambassador Team Manager, yeah she’s #BossAF) coordinated a free Mama and Babe Bouldering Bash in Joshua Tree National Park as her annual AMI Ambassador Project. Her goal was simple: make connections with like-minded MAMAS, get more MAMAS out climbing, and distract the kids with play so MAMA could focus onContinue reading “Mama and Babe Bouldering Event”