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Sustainability Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Mama

This is not your typical holiday gift guide.  In fact, if you purchase nothing from this list of companies, there will be zero hard feelings. We will actually be proud of your restraint, because there’s some pretty epic stuff down below. But more importantly, at AMI we want to empower you to use your buyingContinue reading “Sustainability Holiday Gift Guide for the Outdoor Mama”

Inspiring Sustainable Adventures: One Family’s World Travels

As a mama who loves the outdoors, I am very concerned about protecting the environment and the natural places where we love to play and where I am rejuvenated. I am also worried about the future of the planet for my daughter’s generation and all those that will follow. I often feel at a lossContinue reading “Inspiring Sustainable Adventures: One Family’s World Travels”

Finding Mindfulness in Motherhood

As I sit at the top of Multnomah Falls I follow the stretch of the soft green moss across the rocks, taking in the texture and the trueness of the green that I will never find in the home décor section of Target. I watch as the water runs swiftly over the rocks in theContinue reading “Finding Mindfulness in Motherhood”

Pregnant Backpacking: How I fought Prenatal Depression and Anxiety by Solo Backpacking

On April 6th, in the 33rd week of my third pregnancy, I pulled over on a completely deserted road, grabbed a loaded pack out of my trunk, stepped into the cold of 20˚F and set off on my first ever, completely solo backpacking trip. This year had been heavy, emotionally. Pregnancy is a hugely taxingContinue reading “Pregnant Backpacking: How I fought Prenatal Depression and Anxiety by Solo Backpacking”

Holiday Gift Guide for the Minimalist Adventure Mama

It’s the “holiday season”, which all to often translates to the season of stress and spending lots of money. If you have an Adventure Mama on your shopping list, or are shopping for yourself, we at AMI thought we would help guide you in spending your money well. There are so many options in theContinue reading “Holiday Gift Guide for the Minimalist Adventure Mama”

Parenting Through Grief

  My childhood memories of our massive canvas Coleman tent situated perfectly next to a creek in the north Georgia mountains are as engrained in who I am as swim meets and neighborhood block parties. Within every one of those memories is the man who led the show. He would talk about that tent likeContinue reading “Parenting Through Grief”

Hike it Baby 30

Shanti Hodges, Executive Director and Founder of Hike it Baby is on a mission to create a radical shift in how you see adventure with young children. Rather than see a short, accessible hike as boring, insufficiently challenging, or more trouble than it’s worth, Shanti wants you to see those hikes and the numerous stopsContinue reading “Hike it Baby 30”

100 Hours Unplugged

Here’s the challenge: spend 100 Hours Unplugged. It’s pretty simple stuff with the potential for pretty profound implications. The average 7-18 year old spends 7.5 hours per day on screens and only 20 minutes playing outdoors. We adults also spend plenty of time on our screens too. Apparently the average American is on their phone approximately 4.7Continue reading “100 Hours Unplugged”

365 Mile Challenge

In a virtual world overrun with daring and exotic photos, it can feel like everyone is a sexy full-time adventurer, bagging peaks on the reg, and living out of their van– at least according to social media. Because we don’t often see the reality that exists alongside these grand adventures– a whole lotta emails, dirtyContinue reading “365 Mile Challenge”