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Shred Mamas: Do It for the Highlight Reel

Janelle “Nelly” Thomas is a 2018 AMI Ambassador and committed adventure mama. For her ambassador project, Nelly opted to compile ski and snowboard footage from mamas around North America and then produced a rad short film called Shred Mamas! Check out the full film at As a child I grew up skiing on the weekends withContinue reading “Shred Mamas: Do It for the Highlight Reel”

AMI Grassroots Spotlight: SOUTHWEST COLLAB

  Where: Snorkeling Elk Yurt (at about 10,000 ft), Tushar Mountains, Beaver UT Who: Nine women, most of whom had never met prior to this trip What: 4.6 miles in, 1800 ft. elevation gain, backcountry skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and generally just having a damn good time. I was unsure of a lot of things beforeContinue reading “AMI Grassroots Spotlight: SOUTHWEST COLLAB”

Getting Back to “Me”

Tuesdays are fragile. The suspense sets in late Monday evening when I start to wonder if my babysitter will cancel or maybe the kids will wake up sick. Come morning, I quickly check my phone to see what the weather has in store. I love snow, but hopefully it’s not too cold, or too hot!Continue reading “Getting Back to “Me””

AMI Grassroots Spotlight: WESTERN CANADA

In collabs across the country and beyond, amazing women gather to have epic adventures, build new friendships and create lasting memories. Inspiring us this month with weekly (nighttime!) cross-country skiing events: the Western Canada AMI Collab. Bonnie Presser, organizer of these epic meetups, talks about getting back into cross-country skiing after kids and how thatContinue reading “AMI Grassroots Spotlight: WESTERN CANADA”

Motherhood and Skiing the No Fall Zone

As my patrol and PA friend gathered round with an oxygen mask, I gasped for air through sharp pains in my chest: “Can we at least check to make sure I’m not bleeding…like really bad?” While this might sound like the start of some crazy, once-in-a-lifetime ski wreck story, this was par for the courseContinue reading “Motherhood and Skiing the No Fall Zone”