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The Other Victims of COVID 19: Solidarity to those in Infertility Treatments

This virus is shit. Nope… wait… it’s the shittiest of shit. Thousands are dying, hundreds of thousands are sick and hospitalized, and millions are without jobs. Parents are also learning how to homeschool their kids whom they never intended to homeschool #workingmomforlife. People who were “just getting by” now have no idea how they’re goingContinue reading “The Other Victims of COVID 19: Solidarity to those in Infertility Treatments”

To the Mama Who is Afraid of Losing Her Identity

To the mama who is afraid of losing her identity, you are not alone. Before having a baby, I didn’t think it was possible to maintain my identity while taking on the title of “mom”. I panicked throughout my entire pregnancy, spiraling out of control until everything was bleak and I felt like a mereContinue reading “To the Mama Who is Afraid of Losing Her Identity”

Mama Crush Monday: Hännah Marciniak

Hännah Marciniak (@yogihannah) is a dedicated practitioner of Ashtanga yoga, a climber, mountain biker, skier, and together with her husband, Lucas, parent of an adventurous two-year-old, Oliver. Hännah runs her own business, Mountain Light Ashtanga, which offers small group yoga in the traditional Mysore style. She also works as a linguist, providing expert consulting inContinue reading “Mama Crush Monday: Hännah Marciniak”

To the Mama Who Got a Shitty Diagnosis

To the mama who got a shitty diagnosis: Know that the diagnosis is the worst week. The tests. The waiting. Those words when you  find out it’s multiple sclerosis, or parkinsons, or, in my case, cancer. That first week when the life you had planned, the life you had carefully dreamed up, got torn awayContinue reading “To the Mama Who Got a Shitty Diagnosis”

To the Mama Turning Heartbreak Into Healing

To the mama who is trying to turn heartbreak into healing…We find ourselves thrust down a path we didn’t choose and didn’t want. But, know that if we work hard, feel all the feels, and stay open-hearted and mindful, we will discover something new and wonderful. This painful moment in our lives is actually an opportunity.