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Anti-Racism Work is More Than Just a Marketing Problem

We’ve been a bit quiet over here the past few weeks; not because our passion for radical social change and justice has subsided, but because true and lasting evolution is not going to metabolize, mature, and manifest exclusively behind the keyboard.  We can scream into the digital void: BLACK LIVES MATTER. We can write postContinue reading “Anti-Racism Work is More Than Just a Marketing Problem”

Pregnant Backpacking: How I fought Prenatal Depression and Anxiety by Solo Backpacking

On April 6th, in the 33rd week of my third pregnancy, I pulled over on a completely deserted road, grabbed a loaded pack out of my trunk, stepped into the cold of 20˚F and set off on my first ever, completely solo backpacking trip. This year had been heavy, emotionally. Pregnancy is a hugely taxingContinue reading “Pregnant Backpacking: How I fought Prenatal Depression and Anxiety by Solo Backpacking”

January: Becoming an Environmental Ally

Hello, 2019! As we welcome in the new year and all the epic adventure it will bring let’s not forget that many lost all that they had in 2018 due to the ever-increasing number of natural disasters, unchecked climate change, and general inaction by the public. There are small steps we can all start toContinue reading “January: Becoming an Environmental Ally”

Meet our Festival Photographer: Zion Adventure Photog

Adventure Mamas is thrilled to announce that we’re partnering with photographer Arika Bauer of Zion Adventure Photog for the upcoming Dirtbag Family Bash. Arika is a professional who specializes in shooting the American Southwest. She understands the light, the hues, the geology, and the seasons unique to the deserts of Utah. When you look through herContinue reading “Meet our Festival Photographer: Zion Adventure Photog”

Tips on Trail Running Through Pregnancy

  Trail running is tough. Trail running while pregnant is taking it to a whole new level. But if you’re a trail runner you most likely fell in love with the trails for the challenge. And if you’re a preggo mama you already know that pregnancy is no walk in the park either. The changesContinue reading “Tips on Trail Running Through Pregnancy”

Perspectives on Self-Love from a Psychologist and New Mama

My baby girl is ten months old, and a bittersweet tug on my heart tells me I’ll probably only be breastfeeding for a few more months. On the one hand, I cherish that time with her, so naturally I dread the thought of this special chapter ending. On the other hand, I know that aContinue reading “Perspectives on Self-Love from a Psychologist and New Mama”

What is Hardcore

[Take a quiet moment, get comfortable, and don’t rush THIS particular conversation. Yep, it’s long. Nope, we’re not sorry. It’s pretty important and we think there’s benefit to reading it from beginning to end.] I get it a lot, “Adventure Mamas, that’s like the hardcore mom group, right?” I never know how to respond. “Uh, maybe?Continue reading “What is Hardcore”