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Together we are redefining motherhood. We are facilitating adventure, building community, and providing educational resources to a diverse, growing community. With your help, we can:

  • organize programs and workshops that promote preventative care and lower the occurrence of postpartum disorders
  • partner with researchers and healthcare professionals to learn more about the role of exercise, nature, and community in relation to women’s maternal health
  • enable AMI to assemble a powerful team of mental health experts, outdoor industry professionals, and community leaders in order to effectively carry out our mission
  • support the AMI team in becoming expert advocates for women’s maternal health
  • conduct workshops and retreats to educate and inspire women to lead an empowered and active life
  • help us offer retreats, workshops, and expeditions at a low cost so that more women are able to have these transformative, healing experiences

The generosity of our supporters helps AMI thrive. Your donations directly enable us to facilitate our mission of supporting women’s wellness through adventure and community.