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The Winter Gathering
We had our first in-person event since the onset of COVID, in December 2022 at the REI flagship store in Seattle. This was an opportunity for community building and workshopping on various topics.

In 2022, we created a print magazine, titled Resilience, to showcase stories, poetry, art, photography, and more from women in our community.

Community Development
Building community is how AMI started, and we want to continue facilitating access to local events, gear recommendations, and gear tips for mamas! Join the national community Facebook collab here.

Wellness Education
We believe that wellness is more than freedom from illness; it’s an ongoing and ever-evolving journey towards integrative health- physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Wellness is the intentional and subjective pursuit of nourishment, satisfaction, harmony, and growth. Because motherhood is an immensely consuming role, women often drift from their own self-care and self-love practices along the way. Our wellness events aim to remedy that.

Wellness Workshop Series:
Our mission at Adventure Mamas is to support and advocate for maternal wellness. One way we’re doing this is by offering a series of educational workshops led by local professionals. These experts will be speaking on topics that are essential and relevant to motherhood and women’s health. Each session will include both an expert-led presentation followed by a small-group breakout discussion.

Self-care – January 26, 2019
Presenter: Victoria Choate LCSW, MSW

Partnership, Intimacy, and Sex After Kids – April 27, 2019
Presenter: Collette Charles, MSW, CSW

Nutrition for the Adventurous Mama – September 21, 2019
Presenters: Leanna West and Elena Rocco

Wellness Resources
The AMI Wellness Education section is a series of guest speakers, recurring meetups, and written resources developed in conjunction with women’s health and wellness professionals. The aim is to support women as they transition through the various phases of motherhood from pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

Dig into our resources here.

Technical Events:
The AMI Expeditions are immersive backcountry experiences where challenge, skill acquisition, and team building are the main focus. They are followed by a debriefing and retreat opportunity. In prep for the experience, there are presentations, access to training material, team building opportunities, and more.

2017: High Elevation Backpacking
Short description about this event goes here and here, and here’s the link to see more.

2018: Intro to Winter Skills Camping, Mountaineering, and Ice Climbing
Short description about this event goes here and here, and here’s the link to see more.

2019: Wilderness Medicine Education (WFA, WFR)
In collaboration with Backcountry Pulse (BCP), we are offered the AMI community an 80-hour WFR certification opportunity. XX women participated and received their WFR certification in Hueco Tanks, TX.