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Wellness Resources

The resource section is here to support women through the various phases and stages of motherhood, from pre-pregnancy and beyond. We’ve curated content on diverse topics relevant to diverse mamas.

Adventure and Challenge

We believe there’s power in setting big goals, training hard, and pushing past perceived boundaries. Adventure and challenge-based endeavors provide us with opportunities to do all of these things. We recognize that the growth, skills, experience, and sense of well being that we accumulate on the trail make us better mothers, professionals, partners, and more. The field of Adventure Therapy is growing rapidly and we’re happy to be involved in the discussion. To learn more about why we choose adventure and how it can be empowering, explore the links below.

Self Care

Mom’s mental and physical well being drives the family and should be valued and supported. Women shouldn’t be expected to let go of things that brought them happiness and identity once they become mothers. Women should be encouraged to continue to carve away time to pursue their passions and maintain their personal identity outside of motherhood. It’s important to understand that a mother’s well being affects the well being of her family, community and society at large, and having the freedom to exercise self care is essential in maintaining a positive identity.

Pelvic Health

As advocates for maternal health and wellness, we want to open up conversation and perception about pelvic and abdominal health.  Often women are lead to believe that pelvic floor dysfunctions are part of the cost of motherhood.  However, while common, these challenges are not “normal” or “just part of being a woman.” The resources below outline the importance of pelvic health.

Nature Therapy 

At AMI, we know the value of adventure and time outdoors.  An increasing body of evidence is building to support the health and wellness benefits of connecting with the natural environment.  Explore the resources below for more information on the benefits of time in nature.


The tragedies of grief and loss are profoundly heartbreaking, especially for a mother. Grieving is a unique and intimate experience that looks different for every individual. As a tribe, we must tenderly care for those who are overcoming a tragedy and offer them the space, time, and respect they need to address their experience . These compassionate resources are here to both support you in your journey and to help guide our community in sensitively caring for one another during times of tragedy.

Maternal Athleticism

While motherhood brings many beautiful and challenging changes into a woman’s life, foregoing an athletic lifestyle style should not mandatorily be one of them. There are many benefits to maintaining physical passions throughout pregnancy. At AMI we believe in using current research to support an active and healthy pregnancy for both mom and baby.


It can be challenging to maintain a balanced and nutrient rich diet while juggling motherhood and living an adventurous lifestyle. However, during pregnancy and beyond the postpartum period in a mother’s life nutrition is incredibly important for both her and her baby. We strive to help mothers get all the latest information on how to best fuel both themselves as well as their families, especially while on the go in the great outdoors.

Sexuality and Partnership

A topic that is far too taboo is women’s sexuality, especially through the pregnancy and postpartum seasons. Intimacy is a critical component to a healthy partnership and in turn can have positive effects within the family. However, all the changes that occur during pregnancy and after a new baby arrives can be disruptive to body image and sexual identity. It is important to support healthy sexuality after family expansion while also developing partnership between parents.

Pregnancy and Birth

A woman’s needs and desires for her birthing experience are unique and important. Often, there are many decisions to be made including where to give birth, what interventions to use, what type of support to utilize, and who is present, and more. It is empowering to go into childbirth feeling informed and prepared knowing you have made the best decisions for yourself and your baby. Helping women become educated on birthing options and how to prepare for childbirth physically, mentally and emotionally builds confidence and and empowers women to own this right of passage in their lives.

Postpartum Wellness

Supporting women’s wellness is at the core of everything we do here at AMI. Postpartum wellness is an especially critical period as it’s such a vulnerable time. After bringing a baby into this world, women need peace, nourishment, security, community, and a space to be authentic. They need support and encouragement, they need to be taken care of and loved on. The resources in this section have been curated for women who’ve recently given birth and for those passionate about better supporting them.

Family Adventures

We acknowledge and celebrate that we are all moms, which means that for every solo adventure you schedule for yourself, there are a dozen family adventures. Every backcountry ski day was preceded by ten days spent on the magic carpet teaching a toddler to ski and every route climbed is surrounded by days spent wrangling kiddos at the local gym. We love and encourage family bonding outside under the stars and around campfires. We are passionate about instilling values of positive stewardship and promote a deep love for the wild corners of our world within our children through shared adventure.


Motherhood is never ending, whether you’re changing diapers, paying college tuition, or babysitting grandbabies–you are a mother forever. Women with adult children have their own set of needs and challenges and also possess invaluable knowledge that should be passed along to new mothers. Women of all generations can and should connect with one another, share knowledge, find new adventure partners, and mentor one another.

Building Community

Community is an important element of a happiness and health. When a woman embarks on her journey into motherhood, community is essential for finding support, advice, and camaraderie. However, building community is not passive; compiling a support system requires an investment of  time and energy. There’s often a lot of comical and awkward “mom dates” that take place in order to find YOUR community and here at AMI, we’re committed to helping you connect with the raddest, most compassionate people around.

Single Motherhood

Single motherhood presents unique and acute challenges. Here at AMI, we want to help these mamas to find the alliances and support systems they need to feel empowered and able to pursue their passions.These resources acknowledge the obstacles unique to single mamas and can act as a guide in building out a community that will support single mamas in their adventurous endeavors.